Things to remember

1.Book with us: Mo studio recommends you to book your shooting appointment with us at least three to six months in advance, so that we can work with you make all the arrangements. Once your appointment is confirmed, it can’t be easily changed due to our detailed planning process.
2.Reservations and payment: Mo studio has a branch in Los Angeles, we provide services across the United States. If you are in LA, you can visit our studio to make reservation with us in person. If you are from other states or from China or other countries, you can reserve online. Please leave your name, phone, email address and signed contract, we will confirm your reservation right away. We accept CreditCards WeChat, Alipay or any online banking. A 50% deposit must be paid in advance, with the balance payment to be paid on the shooting day.
3.Choose your shooting fashion and location: Our stylist will confirm with you the photo style you desire, recommending the shooting location and fashion design based on your personal style preference. Many shooting locations require four to ten weeks of advance booking, so we need to decide the location and help you to make reservation well in advance.
4.What you need to prepare: Ladies need to bring a pair of light color elegant stilettos, sneakers, sport shoes, trendy shoes and clothing, light colored undergarments. Gentleman need to bring new black and brown leather shoes, black suit socks. If you have any favorite suits or trendy shoes, boots, jeans, jackets or any other single items, please bring them all along as style options.
5.If you are extremely petite, or oversized, you need to bring two pair of suits that fit in you perfectly. If you are shooting on the beach, please bring your own slippers, towels and change of daily clothing for easily change.
6.Props: Please bring meaningful special things as photo props, for example: wedding ring, diary, jewelry etc., or any other props that you prepared for different settings, and floral bouquets.
7.Shooting time: Please arrive on time for your shooting appointment. Please prepare some water, snacks, fruits, chocolate or desert as shooting outside can be long.

8.You are welcomed to collect your favorite photo styles as reference. Please confirm with us in advance if you would like to be photographed in casual clothing to make sure they are appropriate for shooting. If you want to be photographed in a bathing suit or bikini, we recommend it be black, white or single classic color, one piece or a simple style of bikini. We don’t shoot bathing suits that are multiple colors, or bright floral patterns.
9.Day before shooting: Wash your hair, do your nails, trim the hair in your nose and armpit. Do not drink water the night before as it can make your face swollen. Sleep well.
10.Let yourself go, be a different you, don’t be rigid. Let your emotions flow out, and leave the rest to us. Pass on your happiness and joy.
11.We strongly recommend you to maintaining a good body shape, work out everyday!
12.Clients need to provide transportation for shooting days, and we recommend arranging an SUV, or large sedan. Please ensure the vehicle has plenty of open space for photography equipment, wardrobe, etc.
13.Shooting days are exhausting, and Mo Studio will do our best for your satisfaction. A 15%-25% gratuity of the balance payment is required. Mo studio appreciate your generosity.
14.If you are pregnant, please let us know in advance. We will arrange an appropriate shooting schedule for you. We do not accept photography bookings if you are experiencing sickness from pregnancy.
15.A new shooting day will be rearranged in the event of force majeure of weather, or if technology problems due to camera or computer should cause photos to be damaged or lost.
16.After shooting process: Choose your photos 45 days after your shooting, then 15 days to provide a sample for your review, and 60 days for you to pick up your final images.



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